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Tax-Efficient Approach

Evidence-based, tax-efficient approach to investment management

Collaborative Planning

Collaborative planning process by working with a network of professionals such as CPAs, attorneys, and insurance specialists

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning & Retirement Income Strategies

Education Planning

Education Planning & Strategies

Charitable Contributions

Charitable Giving Strategies

Employer Sponsored

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

Cash Flow

Cash Flow Analysis and Planning

Wealth Protection

Wealth Protection Solutions

Our process for delivering wealth management is a carefully crafted set of steps that we’ve recreated and refined over the past decade.

At the beginning of each prospective client engagement, we invest considerable time so we can truly understand what you value most, what you seek to attain in terms of personal and financial goals, and also who is most important to you. We then invest between four and twelve hours collaborating with our professional partners to develop recommendations to help improve upon your current financial approach. We are committed to this initial investment of time, even before creating a formal client-advisor relationship, as we want to be sure that both you – and we the advisor – are truly aligned before moving forward.

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Step One



Step Two

Plan Meeting


Step Three

Commitment Meeting


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Step Five

Progress Meeting

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DeLarme Wealth Management

Discovery Meeting

In this introductory meeting, we’ll invest approximately 90 minutes together asking dozens of questions so we can better understand what you value most in life, what goals you have, who is important to you, your expectations for working with an advisor, and more.

Investment Plan Meeting

In this meeting, we’ll review what we learned about you in the Discovery Meeting so we can confirm that we have a solid understanding of who you are and where you’re trying to go. We will also share an investment policy statement and an investment plan, personalized for your unique situation.If there’s a basis in which we can add value, we’ll let you know. If not, we’re happy to introduce you to someone who can.

Mutual Commitment Meeting

At this time, we’ll answer any remaining questions. Then, we’ll formally begin our Client-Advisor relationship by signing the appropriate account documents.

45-Day Meeting

We’ll meet with you after a month or so to review your first statement and answer questions. We’ll help you make sense of the online tools and your account portal, as well as help you understand your periodic account statement.

Regular Progress Meeting

These meetings will take place at an interval of your choice, and in a setting that you prefer – phone, face to face, or skype. In these regularly scheduled meetings, we will review your advanced plan as well as the portfolio performance and the progress toward your important financial goals.

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